Reinhard Schoeder wins Cockshott Race ... Posted by: Roland Op: 15-10-12, 13:01 

During the 2012 edition of the Tuzla Cockshott Race, Reinhard Schroeder was allowed to sail in hull number 5. Freshly delivered from our workshop to its new Turkish owner this week.

He won the event in our new boat. Reinhard was overall very complimentary on the quality and moreover the speed of the boat.

12footsailing not only produces dinghies at an affordable price, but winning boats!!!!

 Hull No. 5 SOLD Posted by: Roland Op: 07-10-12, 09:45 

The construction of Hull no 5, 2012, is finishing and will be delivered to her owner during the Tuzla Cockshott Race in Istanbul on friday 12 October.

12footsailing produced 5 new wooden dinghies in 2012, for clients in Holland, Switzerland and Turkey.
Quite happy with that.

 New hulls under construction Posted by: Roland Op: 11-07-12, 10:36 

After the success of boat 3 and 4, especially on the performance side of the boats, we have now started with the construction of hull number 5 and 6. Hopefully they will be ready to be sailed at the George Cockshott race in istanbul, Oct. 12 - 14th.

 World Championship Slovenie Posted by: Roland Op: 10-07-12, 12:54 


Tonnie and Damy sailing 873 during the World Championships in Slovenie.

Such a great pleasure, both to look at and to sail!!!!!

 World Championship in Slovenia Posted by: Roland Op: 25-06-12, 09:46 

12footsailing will be present druing the Worldchapionships in Slovenia, Portoroz from 4 till 8 july 2012.

Dinghy NED 871 will eb sailed by Nicolette Arnoldus. NED 873 will be sailed by Tonnie Suurendonk. Two prominent Dutch women represent our beautifull dinghies.

 Foreigners at the Kaag Posted by: Roland Op: 03-06-12, 13:24 

Dinghy ned 871 and 872 were sailed by 2 prominent foreign competitors:
Steve Crook (Switzerland) sailed 871 and Rifat Edin (Turkey) sailed 872.

I guess they had fun, although not the best result......sorry

 Dinghy no 4 came in 8th overall at the... Posted by: Roland Op: 03-06-12, 13:20 

Dinghy 4 (ned 874) had a fantastic first Race result at the Kaag. After 3 days she came in 8th overall, amidst a 52 strong field of the best sailors in Holland.
Not only are our dinghies beautifull and cheap, but they are FAST, FAST as well.
We congratulate Fred Knitel with this amazing result

 Dinghy Hull 3 ...... SOLD Posted by: Roland Op: 12-05-12, 08:01 

We are very happy to announce the sale of the newly built Hull No.3.
The boat is for a Dutch client, who is a novice to the Dinghy Club.

The hull is fully mahogony, with a white antifoulng underneath.

On top of the fact that we deliver the Dinghy, we also supplied a custom made jetty, so he can pull the dinghy out of the water at the end of the day. Full service.

 Dinghy NED 872 SOLD Posted by: Roland Op: 12-05-12, 00:16 

Our proudly built dinghy Hull No.2 was sold today.

NED 872 will be sailing in Friesland. The owner has young kids who will enjoy sailing such a beautiful boat.

We wish him many years of joy and fun.

May the winds be fair on NED 872

 Dinghy No. 3 and 4 leave workshop Posted by: Roland Op: 12-05-12, 00:12 

newly built Dinghy Hull no. 3 and 4 have left the workshop.
Hull no 3 is called "ROOS" and was built for Mr. Scheenhart. And will be delivered to him during the Pinskter Races at the `Kaag'.

Hull no. 4 is for a yet to be found customer, but looks amazing and will be happily sailing on the water very soon.

 First Races for 12footsailing Dinghy N... Posted by: roland Op: 11-04-12, 10:25 

The first race in the George Cockshott Trophee is being sailed in France this weekend: 13 and 14 April.

Lac de l’Ailette, Saint Quentin, France
14-15 April 2012
Cockshott Trophy Event

Nicolette Arnoldus will sail our Dinghy NED 871 and this will be the first real test for us.
Nicolette is set to win the George Cockshott Trophee this year, by particiapting in almost all international Dinghy Races: France, Holland, Italy, Turkey and Worldchampionship in Slovenia. She will only miss out on Germany, dus to colliding agendas with races in Holland.
She will use NED 871 also for the Worldchampionship in Slovenia in July.

May the winds be fair.........

 Finally in the water and sailing Posted by: Roland Op: 03-04-12, 17:15 

On a beautifull Sunday in March, we took both of the dinghies (NED 871 and 872) into the water.
After all the boatshows and presentations on the dry, it was now time to test them in the water.

A number of dignities came to sail them and see for themselves what these dinghies are like.

So far so good, as everyone was really positive. The remarks have been taken into account for the next series of dinghies, that we are building.

 Succesful Launch of 12footsailing Posted by: Roland Op: 17-03-12, 08:57 

The presentation of our Turkish built 12 foot dinghies was warmly received and appreciated by the general public and especailly by the present critical 12 foot sailors in Holland.
The 2 fairs in Holland resulted in both dinghies being sold. Quite a success for us, as a new company.

We have started building the next two.

Clients commented on our interesting and low price, which brings buying a new dinghy within reach of a complete new group of sailors.
The fact that our dinghies are being built completely in epoxy and finished with 2 component Epifanes varnish, reduces maintenance in the future.
The equipment with Molenaar sail and Ronstan blocks and ropes guarantees a fast dinghy in the races.

 Ronstan equipment draws attention Posted by: Roland Op: 13-03-12, 19:17 

More Marine, the official Ronstan distributor, supplies 12footsailing with all necessary blocks, ropes and fittings. An old fashioned wooden dinghy equipped with state of the art modern equipment draws attention. Soo much that they feature the 12footsailing dinghy on their website:

 Dutch Certified Dinghies Posted by: roland Op: 19-02-12, 12:36 

The official measurer marks and stamps both of our Dinghies at the Boat Show in Holland.
NED 871 and NED 872 are now for sale, for a stunning price of 12.990 incl sail and accessoires

 Boat Holland Show Posted by: Roland Op: 11-02-12, 23:56 

The presentation of 12footsailing at the Boat Holland Show in Leeuwarden. Both dinghies at the show were first approved by the Dutch Class and marked with the famous STAMP.
And YES, one wooden dinghy was painted Orange on the outside, to mark our introduction. It draws quite some attention.

 The fastest 12 foot dinghies in the wo... Posted by: roland Op: 18-01-12, 08:13 

The first 2 12footsailing dinghies are on their way from Turkey to Holland on a containership. They will sail with an average speed of 23 knots, making them for sure the fastest 12 foot dinghies in the world.

If you want to track them: click on the link below:

 Fitting out the dinghy Posted by: roland Op: 11-01-12, 08:14 

Each dinghy has a number of metal parts, that come in 2 different versions. One in all Stainless Steel, nice and shiny. The second version is in casted Bronze. Okay, one does need to polish this once in a while, but it does make a difference

 Varnishing work Posted by: roland Op: 05-01-12, 11:54 

The work of varnishing a dinghy is most rewarding. The sudden shiny result is always nice to look at. Than you now what you did all the sanding for.
Hope you like it as well.

 Dinghy gets finished Posted by: roland Op: 05-01-12, 11:47 

The rest of the woodwork was placed. The steamed ribs were the most difficult to make, we broke quite a lot of them.
The process of riveting is a complete different subject: 1400 pieces in each dinghy.

 Hull No 1 finished Posted by: roland Op: 05-01-12, 10:13 

Hull No 1 was taken off the mold

 building started on Hull no. 1 Posted by: roland Op: 05-01-12, 10:05 

We started making the molds for the dinghies. Exciting times and a lot of research was done. Dutch and Italian drawings were compared and we found some mistakes in both of them. I guess it will always be like that.