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 Pinkster Races at the Kaag. Posted: 17-03-12, 08:49 

The famous "Pinkster" regatta at "De Kaag" in the Netherlands. 12footsailing will participate with Dinghy 871, the orange painted version. And with NED 872. We are proud that Steve Crook will sail no 871 during this prestigious race and Rifat Edin will be helming NED 872. We are curious how well our dinghy will do.

Dinghy Hull No.3 will be delivered to its client, Mr. Scheenhart, who will baptise the boat "ROOS", after his grand-daughter.

Dinghy Hull N0. 4 will be baptised as well, and is named "LALE" which is Turkish for Tulip.

Quite a story and performance, of which we are proud and feel strenghtened by all positive reactions.
We will continue......

Location:KWS De Kaag, Netherlands
Moment:26 - 28 may 2012, Holland
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