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12-foot dinghies for YOU:

12footsailing started in 2012 and has produced (and sold!!!) at the end of her very first year 5 new hulls, that have found owners in Holland, Switzerland and Turkey. Each and every dinghy needs to have a measuring certificate, issued by a sailing federation. For this, the dinghy is measured on 100 different points, to make sure that all boats are equal and standard. With a margin of only 1 cm on the hull shape, it is a builders challenge to optimise the hull shape and create a faster dinghy. We tried, developed and managed to do so. From the very first race with the first built dinghy (the memorably orange painted one), it was clear that we had achieved that goal. 
Moreover hull no. 5 recently won the international race of the George Cockshott Series in Istanbul. A nice guarantee for future owners.

And with a price that is half of what our competitors ask, there is limited reason for you not to join this remarkable class of friendly sailors.

The internationally recognized 12-foot dinghy is still actively sailed in Europe (Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Slovenia, etc) and beyond (Turkey, Japan, Brasil, etc). An active and attractive class, with national races every weekend and a busy international calendar.

The traditional look (the design has not changed for 100 years!!!) and the simplicity of handling and sailing the boat, makes it a statement to any one else, whether on the water or on shore. Even children admire the boat and realize the beauty of this handmade craft.