A superyacht "Tender of Class"

Designed in 1913 as a tender for bigger yachts, the 12 foot Dinghy is again appreciated for its beauty and ease of handling aboard the Superyachts of this world.

The 3,66 meter long dinghy is easily stowed on deck, weighs only 110 kg and is even beautifull to look at, when stowed on deck. After launching it takes less than 10 minutes to fit her with mast and sail and one is under way.

Especially the RETRO version, where the outside of the hull is painted in the same color as the mothership is popular amongst our clients.

The 2 original hoisting eyes and chains are obligatory to have installed (even in the Race version) and make hoisting and lowering from and to deck easy. Hung in original davits on the side of traditional boats or just standing on supports on the aft deck of a modern motoryacht, the dinghy represents style, taste and shows awareness of our maritime heritage.

For further details on stowing and hoisting, please contact us.